Who We Are

Informage Energy (IEPL) is a Smart Energy monitoring equipment manufacturer. Our unmatched experience in IoT (Internet of Things) and advanced products and Solutions Portfolio around Energy Measurement, street light automation, and LED lighting, helps our customers to save costs and optimize measurements by monitoring, and control of domestic and Industrial energy in several smart ways.

Smart Energy Meters

Choose from a variety of BIS certified Smart meters, designed to exacting standards. Range available for domestic, Industrial, and commercial establishments

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Intelligent Street Lighting

Experience state-of-the-art cloud based solutions for Streetlight automation and control. Automate and control cluster of LED streetlights or individual lights, as per need

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Smart IoT Solutions

Our proven experience in conceptualizing, designing and developing embedded hardware and software for solving a variety of IoT solutions

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Smart LED Lightning and Switchgear

Informage is the authorized distributor of a whole range of modern LED luminaries and switchgear from some of the largest

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Popular Range

Our Specialization

Smart Pre-Paid Meters

A full range of technologically advanced pre- and post- paid future ready smart meters for residential, streetlighting and commercial usage.

Dual Source Energy Meters

Smart meters that efficiently calculate power and related parameters and set different tariffs for supply from main’s and from a Backup such as Diesel Generator.

Smart Energy Payments

Simple and effective payments for pre- and post-paid meters through mobile, web or operator assisted token generation models.

Demand Monitoring

Custom IoT solutions for various requirements and across industries.

CCMS and Streetlight Monitoring

State of art system (CCMS) from Informage Energy is a centralized web based system to remotely track and control the actual energy consumption of the street lights.

Astro Timers

Highly accurate and robust IC technology for an astronomical clock for Fixed timing operation option for relays to Switch ON/OFF lights at Sunrise and Sunset times.

About Informage Energy

IEPL has dedicated Product Management team supported by state of the art R&D facility and Quality Assurance department, working hand in hand maintaining the product line on top of current and future market needs. IEPL has dedicated Product Management team supported by state of the art R&D facility and Quality Assurance department .

Principles of our work

Ethics & Compliance

IEPL is founded on the belief of doing things with honesty and integrity to build strong foundation of the company since beginning and take it on a long term path of success. It is committed to uphold this commitment under all circumstances and lead by example. IEPL believes “Good Conduct is Good Business”.

Conducting business with Integrity

IEPL takes pride in conducting business honestly. IEPL members do not offer or accept bribes or inappropriate gifts and comply with the laws. We maintain full integrity while conducting the business win business through fair competition and means.

Honoring Business Obligations

We start our relationship through trust and confidence building. We have straight and fair and honest communication internally and to our customers. We stand by the commitment of our people internally and externally.


Right information is key for business and keeping it safe and confidential is must to be successful in the competitive arena. IEPL is committed to protect all such confidential information of the organisation and its customers.

Our clients