Informage Energy Saver: – Perfect Light Management Solution

Informage Energy Saver (Astro Timer Solution) is Astronomical Calculator. The configuration input parameters for the Astronomical function are configured via the input pins. Built in Astro functions takes Geographic locations inputs from the provided switch inputs and calculates the Sunrise and Sunset timings for the all Indian cities.


Domestic Applications: – Gate Light, Outside Lights, Parking, Home Automation

Commercial Applications: – Street Illuminations, Road side Illuminations, shopping Center Illuminations(Luminous Sign Boards), Park/ Garden Illuminations, Parking Illuminations.

Others: – Home Illuminations, Other Illumination Applications

Technical Specifications: –

  1. Supply Voltage (1 phase): 110 to 240 VAC
  2. Power Consumption (Max): 4VA
  3. Battery backup: 3 years to 5 Years
  4. LED Indication: Red LED for Relay status
  5. Contact arrangement: 1 C/O (SPDT)
  6. Contact Rating: 16A (NO) and 5A (NC) @ 240VAC / 24VDC
  7. Incandescent Lamps: 800 to 1000 watts
  8. Inductive Load: (Cos o = 0.6): 6 A @ 250VAC
  9. Clock Accuracy: – Features RTC with built in 32.768 KHz DTCXO, High Stability.


  •   Allows Energy saving via programming of times and Geographical area of installation.
  •   Random ON time delay (up to 59 seconds) for street light mode.
  •   Daily automatic regulation of Sunrise and Sunset Time.
  •   Suitable to program the coordinates of the city through easy interface
  •   Off time can be programmed also.
  •   Manual ON and OFF