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Research and Development plays an integral and vital role in IEPL’s vision and the life cycle of the product roadmap delivering products within appropriate time frame, meeting specific quality and cost requirements. It works closely with sales, production and other divisions to capture the consumer requirements and trends.

IEPL R&D department is responsible for innovations in design, products, and style. It works constantly to create new products to keep the company a step ahead of the competition and works to improve existing consumer experience.

IEPL has dedicated Product Management department which works hand in hand with R&D maintaining the product line on top of current market needs. Special attention is made to ensure that the product coming out for commercial deployment, rates best on safety and environmental standards.

Activities under R & D :

New Product Research

IEPL R&D team conducts a detailed study to support the new project. It determines product specifications, production costs and a production time line. It also lists and debates end user requirements to enhance customer experience.

New Product Development

Here a new product is developed based on the finalised requirements created during the research phase. The final output is ensured that it meets the product guidelines and fulfils regulatory specifications.

Existing Product Updates

Existing products of IEPL undergo constant makeover in terms of feature enhancement and better usability and customer experience. The team proudly adapts its product line to meet ever changing needs of the consumer.

Quality Checks

IEPL has dedicated Quality Assurance Department for all outgoing products for customer deployment; however the R&D team is given additional responsibility to do random quality checks on products created by the company and on production belt. It maintains detailed specifications of a particular project. This helps IEPL to maintain the committed standards of the delivery and additional level of check to ensure quality output.

Team & Facilities

IEPL’s success rests on its core R&D expertise. The company is dedicated to hire highly qualified and committed professional from diverse disciplines and is devoted to nurture the team’s talent through vast industry exposure and external travel and trainings. The company has dedicated expertise of mechanical designers, Hardware and Firmware designers, Software developers and wide range of testers.

R & D Capabilities

IEPL’s R&D capabilities are very broad and diverse, incorporating various streams and serving several business streams working relentlessly to provide solutions for a diverse range of problems.

Broad classification of the capabilities fall under following categories:  

  • Hardware Designing
  • Mechanical Designing
  • Firmware
  • Software
  • Data Analysis

R & D Facilities

Company R&D provides applications and technical service support to its customers. Using advanced technologies and leading-edge equipment, our R&D department provide a venue for on-site collaboration to help accelerate new product development and providing resolution to a problem. Additionally it facilitates the close interdepartmental interaction for developing the best solutions for its customers.