Our Three Phase Pre-paid Energy meter is an intelligent prepayment based solution for the separate measurement of mains and auxiliary (DG) supplies. This is ideally suited for gated condominiums, residential communities and group housing societies.

Meter automatically determines which source of energy is being used, either by 240V AC input or by a separate digital input. The amount of consumption is deducted automatically, according to the appropriate tariff.

An optional consumer interface unit is available for connection with the meter. This unit acts as a remote display and token entry point and facilitates an easy understanding of the instantaneous cost-per-hour of energy usage. It also allows consumers to enter credit and access meter information.  It also shows whether the supply is being drawn from the mains or the DG, irrespective of where the meter is positioned.

Dual Register meter provides true load control and demand-side management by disconnecting the load if it exceeds the sanctioned amount. This helps maintain correct transformer loading.



Salient Features

  • One Meter Records Active Energy for Two sources
  • Optical port Communication & RS232/RS485 Communication
  • Mains / Generator Selection through 240V AC/24V DC (separate Models)
  • Indication on display & LED to indicate source in use
  • Load survey and tamper logging facility
  • It is available in Three-Phase, Four-Wire & accuracy class-1.
  • Load Can be disconnected in case the credit limit becomes zero or current exceeds the defined load limit
  • Three latch relays are provided for reconnection/ disconnection of load
  • Buzzer to give alarm in case of low credit/overload
  • Bi-color LED for Low Credit warning
  • Displays Electricity usage in money terms
  • Support of Slab Tariff
  • Emergency credit facility to allow consumers to stay connected after their credit has run out for a limited time to give them an opportunity to buy a new credit token.


  • Domestic Prepayment
  • Prepayment for  small & medium enterprise
  • Landlord/Tenant  prepayment for residential and office complexes
Connection Type Direct connected
Wiring Configuration 3 Phase- 4 Wire
Voltage Range 240V(L-N), 415V (L-L)
Current Range 10-60
Accuracy Class 1.0
Mains Frequency 50 Hz ± 5%
Standards Compliance IS13779, Indian Companion Standard
Dimensions 262mmx180mmx85mm
Enclosure Engineering plastic
Sealing Provision for sealing on main cover and terminal Cover
Degree of protection IP51
Insulation Class Protective Class II
Temperature -10 °C to +55 °C (operating)

-25 °C to +70 °C (storage)


Humidity 95% non-condensing
Tariff Components Minimum charges, fixed charges, rebate, debt, tax, slab tariff, TOU , emergency credit, happy hours, load limit, mains and DG rates
Home Display Unit Optional Via RJ11-Port
Communications Optical port for local communications, optional RS485/RS-232 (RJ-11 port) for remote communications or Home display Unit