General Product Features

  • Single / Three phase option with accuracy class 1.0
  • The unit is capable of switching ON and OFF lights, of a particular switching point and/or networked switching points from Central Control Station instantaneously or automatically throughout the year on basis of Sunrise and sunset time depending on the geographical location of the switching point
  • Programmable Daily, Weekly, Astronomical Mode of operation
  • Four programmable ON/OFF timings in daily Mode
  • Inbuilt relay for ON/OFF upto 60Amps of Street light load
  • Relay trip in case of Overlaod, Overcurrent, Overvoltage conditions with configurable thresholds and persistence time
  • Overload KW/KVA Programmable
  • Optical, RS232,RS485 Communication for meter reading
  • Optional GPRS/GSM modem to communicate with CCMS
  • Maintenance mode for repair of lights
  • MCB trip and Load fault detection
  • Load on Hours & Power on hours for LED life estimation
  • Sealing provisions for meter cover, base & Terminal cover
  • LED indications for Calibration and Meter status
  • Display & records of all electrical parameters
  • MCCB/MCB for protection



Connection Type Single Phase Two Wire / 3-phase 4-Wire
Accuracy Class Class 1.0
Standards Applicable IS13779
Current Rations 10-60, 20-80
Power Factor Range Zero (lag) – unity – Zero (lead)
Frequency 50Hz ± 5%
Power Consumption voltage Circuit : 1.5 W / 8.0 VA ; Current Circuit : 4.0 VA
Relay Rating 90 Amps
Display 6+2 LCD with backlight
Communications Optical / / RS 232 /RS 485/ LPR / GSM / GPRS / Zigbee
Measured& Storage


Energy : Active energy, Apparent Energy, Reactive Energy

Demand : Maximum demand kW / kVA,

Instant Parameters : Voltage, Current, Frequency, PF, KW

TOD Parameter : Kwh / Kvah / Kvarh / MD

History : last 12 months as per customs requirements

Daily Load Survey : last 45 Days

DIP Load Survey : last 28 days

Tampers & Events Current Reverse, Current unbalance, Current Bypass, Over Current, Over Voltage, Low Voltage, Voltage Unbalance, Missing potential, Low PF, Low Load, MCB Trip, Magnetic  Influence
Single Phase Enclosure IP51, Dimensions : 391.5mmx 305mmx136.5mm, ±2.0mm (LXWXH)
Three Phase Enclosure IP51, Dimensions : 652mmx356mmx230mm , ±2.0mm (LXWXH)
Terminal Block Stud type nut driver operated terminals suitable for

25sqmm cable for all incoming and outgoing cable terminations.